Open House Information Sessions 2017-2018

Thank you for your interest in Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change.

TMA is a screened selection method school.  The criteria, is as printed in the 2017-18 Directory of the New York City Public High Schools is as follows:

            • Grades in core subjects, English, Math, Social Studies, Science - Grades between 80-100

            • Standardized Test Scores: Math Level(s) 2-4, English Language Arts Level(s) 2-4

            • School or Teacher Recommendation

            • Review of Attendance & Punctuality

           • Interview

TMA offers its students an academic structure that will both challenge and encourage children to become lifelong learners.  We look forward to receiving you during one of our Open House Sessions and providing you with a broader look at educational opportunities at Thurgood Marshall Academy for Learning and Social Change.  

To ensure that both parent and student are familiar with TMA’s academic offerings, for incoming 6th and 9th grade applicants both parent and students are encouraged to attend a TMA Open House Session as listed below.

Open House Dates

Wed., September 20th, 4:30-6pm

Thurs., October 5th, 4:30-6pm

Wed., October 18th, 4:30-6pm

Thurs., October 19th, 4:30-6pm

Saturday, November 4th, 10 am to 1:00pm

Wed., November 15th. 4:30-6pm

Thurs., November 16th, 4:30-6pm

Tues., November 28th, 4:30-6pm

Saturday, December 2th, 10 am to 1:00pm

      For additional information, please call:  212-283-8055 x1130